Bringing New Perspective To Your Business

Manufacturing Business Analysis

TwoPoint Solutions can review your manufacturing environment from a measured performance perspective through:

  • Manufacturing business analysis and debottlenecking
    • Process mapping and evaluation
    • Throughput capacity evaluation and debottlenecking
    • Supervision of third-party process design resources
  • Manufacturing cost and inventory control
    • Manufacturing cost analysis
    • Supply chain and inventory control strategy
    • Loss analysis and control

Many manufacturing consultants, including large firms, do not have an engineering degree or even operations background.  You will typically see analysis by these firms that use a few management interviews to generate the bemoaned “regurgitated solutions” report.  We at TwoPoint Solutions believe that manufacturers should start with a clean sheet of paper, open the problem up to your team’s experience and then shape solutions through collaboration and building consensus.  This approach “brings along” your organization to anticipate the change in work processes or equipment.  We will provide and document the appropriate analysis for justification, help you implement the change and put in place the training and measurement tools necessary to sustain the improvement.

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