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Capital Expenditure Management

TwoPoint Solutions can identify when capital investment is appropriate and assist in its completion through:

  • Process industry CapEx planning
    • Preparation and prioritizing of corporate and site capital program
    • Capital project scoping and estimation for programming purposes
  • Preparation of CapEx project execution by:
    • Preparing the project team including an Executive Steering Committee as well as business unit cross-disciplined teams.
    • Completion of a project charter that identifies the project’s “definition of success”, alignment of roles and responsibilities, agreement on resources, budget and schedule.
    • Provide oversight of internal and external resources.
    • Supervision of third-party process design resources.

Many business consultants shy away from offering capital investment solutions and some promise a “no capital” business improvement solution.  TwoPoint Solutions asks “Why?”  If there is an appropriate capital investment to realize a significant business improvement and the business has access to capital funding for an investment then why should you have to “change horses” to realize this improvement and potentially lose momentum?  Manufacturing consultants should not consider engineering capital improvements as off-limits.

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