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How Do I Get My Project Approved?

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For Operations, Plant, Facility or Engineering Managers:  If you have ever questioned why your project requests have not been approved despite of your detailed preparation then please read this new article by Jim.  It is also here under Practical Solutions.

How Do I Get My Project Approved?

Technology in the Chemical Process Industry

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Please download the attached pdf-format presentation I made while still at Koppers at the 3rd Annual American Chemical Manufacturer’s Summit in Pittsburgh on May 13, 2015.  The thrust of this presentation was to discuss advances over the last three to four decades in chemical process control technology and what should potentiallly be the next steps in technology development.  I wanted to question what companies should continue to ask for in technical advances and what the underlying reason to integrate technology with process safety for improving the safety and effectiveness of trained plant operators – the Why.

Technology in the Chemical Process Industry – Understanding the Why (PDF file)

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